Philadelphia Union Pre-Academy Competition Platform

Philadelphia Union has developed a unique competition platform for the Union Juniors program that we believe will be a lot of fun for our participants, while rewarding display of our core values, quality, and style of play. We prioritize development and attitude above results for our players under 12 years old and have thus created a competition platform that we believe will inspire competitive spirit, while rewarding technical and skill development. Vince Lombardi said it best, “Winning is not everything – but making the effort to win is.” We believe kids thrive on healthy competition, and have designed a format to provide a nurturing competitive environment where both winning and technical skill development are rewarded points.For our U8 – U10 teams we will score points as described below for three separate competitions:

• The Union Cup (Cup)

• The Union Development League (UDL)

• The Union Champions League (Champions League)

Fall 2017 - U10 Champions

Here’s how it will work…


Union Cup:

The first half of each match will contribute to The Union Cup. Winners will be awarded three points, draws will result in one point for each team, and a loss will contribute zero points.


The second half of each match will contribute to the Union Development League. Winners will be awarded three points, draws will result in one point for each team, and a loss will contribute zero points.

Champions League:

The Union Champions League format combines the points earned each game day from the Cup and UDL (first half and second half) and tallies the results providing 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. Additionally, the Union Champions League introduces a twist by adding “Development Points” to create a final Union Champions League score.

“Development Points” will be awarded to each team by Pre-Academy Staff based on the implementation of technical skills and themes that were emphasized in training. Each team will be judged as fair, good, or great and allocated one, two, or three points respectively. For example, if the focus during training for the week was 1v1 attacking, a team that does a great job of attempting to take on defenders would be awarded 3 “Development Points.”

For example, if “Team Venom” were to win their Cup half 3-1, draw their second UDL half 1-1, and they displayed great implementation of the technical theme for the week they’d be awarded 7 points for Champions League:

• Cup + UDL (three points for the Cup 3-1 win, and one point for the 1-1 UDL draw) = 4 points

• Pre-Academy staff judges Team Venom to have done a great job implementing the technical theme = 3 points

• TOTAL Champions League points = 7 points

Team Selection:

Our coaching staff is striving to develop the most balanced rosters possible. We will not be announcing hierarchical teams, as to ensure quality competition throughout the season.


There will be friendlies scheduled against outside competition throughout the season for all teams. Due to the structure of the Pre-Academy, not every team will compete in these friendlies at the same time. However, every team’s opportunities for outside competition will be balanced throughout the year so everyone plays the same amount of outside games.

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